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Jolly Futures Technologies
Creating Technologies to enable the successful teaching of literacy throughout the developing world

Jolly Futures Technologies

Creating technology to address global illiteracy


Technology has a key role to play in solving addressing illiteracy

It gives teachers the tools to teach.

It engages pupils, with exciting games and stories.

It provides powerful tools for government to understand and improve performance


What is Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is the world’s leading methodology for teaching young children how to read and write in English, using synthetic phonics.

Over 100,000 government school teachers across Nigeria, India, South Africa, Ghana, and other developing countries have been trained in this method.

Jolly Phonics is simple, fun and child centred. It is proven to work in the most challenging of contexts.

Jolly Futures Technologies provides mobile technology to teachers and learners. It provides tools to NGO’s and governments to enable them to effectively implement and understand the impact of Jolly Phonics.


The Jolly Phonics Lessons App

The Jolly Phonics Lessons App is an app for teachers. It contains interactive content that helps them teach a phonics lesson.

A phonics lesson has 8 key steps, the App takes the teacher through the delivery of each step.

The App contains fun games for pupils, that test pupil’s sound knowledge, and adapts to their ability.

The App is designed for the developing world. It requires a small amount of space (14Mb), and functions completely offline, It is free in the developing world.

The App has over 1.3 million users worldwide, over half are in developing countries.

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Jolly Futures Monitoring

Jolly Futures is a partnership between Jolly Learning and Universal Learning Solutions, a UK NGO.

The partnership has brought Jolly Phonics to over 100,000 teachers across the developing world.

The Jolly Futures Monitoring system is a technology system designed to manage the projects, to understand and magnify their impact.


Jolly Monitor App

The Jolly Monitor app is an app for Jolly Phonics school monitors to collect data during school visits.

  1. Questions - The App provides questions about the teacher and school and guides the monitor through a Classroom Observation,

  2. Instant Mentoring Feedback - The App provides instant feedback to the monitor, and teacher on how the teaching can be improved. At the end of the visit, a report is generated to give to the teacher.

  3. Pupil Assessments - The App can also be used to assess individual pupils, using the Phonics Screening Check, or another Early Grade Reading Assessment.

After the visit, the phone has connects to the internet and the data sync’s to the dashboard

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Jolly Futures Dashboard

The dashboard is the key to understanding Jolly Futures Projects. It is the portal to view all the information collected using the monitoring App. The dashboard allows a user to:

  1. View and Aggregate Visits - Analyse the answers from school visits, for an individual project or across projects.

  2. View Pupil Assessment Results - View the aggregated results from pupil assessments, which make it simple to understand the impact of the intervention.

  3. View Calendars of School Visits - Managers can see which monitors which schools, and when, and the answers collected.

  4. View real-time data and responses - Data is constantly synced, so information is available in real time.

  5. Save time - The automatic collation and analysis of data and provision of guidance, cut out repetitive tasks and lets project managers achieve more.

  6. SMS Teachers - Send SMS messages with encouraging or instructional messages to teachers.

Made in Valencia

Jolly Futures Technologies software is developed by Gilbert Jolly, the founder.

I am currently looking for talented developers to work with. Feel free to get in contact if you want to work on interesting projects, and would like to work with Kotlin.


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Jolly Futures Technologies is based in Valencia, Spain, working alongside Universal Learning Solutions. Contact us to find out more

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